Minnesota Man Injured on Vacation in Texas ($22,000)

A 52 year old man was injured while a passenger in a vehicle in Texas. The plaintiff’s vehicle was traveling on a through street, when another driver disregarded a stop sign and pulled out directly into the path of plaintiff’s vehicle. Both vehicles were totaled.

The plaintiff was taken to the emergency room by ambulance, where he was examined for a sore knee, neck, and back. He was given pain medication and instructions to follow up with his primary doctor. Once back in Minnesota, he received fourth months of care from a chiropractor for his neck and back, which substantially improved his symptoms. He also received physical therapy for his knee, and was given a knee brace. His knee was aspirated once. Diagnosis and causation of his knee pain was complicated by his history as a runner.

His total medical expenses were just over $8,000. All of these expenses were paid by his no-fault insurer. Lost wages totaled approximately $2,700, of which $750 was paid by his no-fault insurer. Denise Fullerton was able to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurer of $22,000, without repayment of benefits to plaintiff’s no-fault insurer.

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