Dog Bites/Attacks

Dog bite or attack claims in Minnesota may fall under both “strict liability” as well as “negligence” type claims.  Canine owners have an absolute financial responsibility to anyone injured by their dog, with few exceptions. If you are bit by a dog, injured while fleeing from a chasing dog, or otherwise injured by a dog, you are likely entitled to compensation for your damages.

Sadly, many injuries caused by dogs involve children,  an animal owner known to the victim, involve injury to the face, and lead to physical and emotional scarring. Immediate medical attention must be sought following any dog bite or attack. Seeking immediate consult from a cosmetic surgeon is often advisable as well. Although many cosmetic procedures cannot be performed until significant healing has occurred, an early consultation may offer options for healing that reduce the possible scarring.

Dog bite or attack injuries may cause many financial implications, including:

  • Lost wages
  • Significant medical expenses, particularly if multiple surgeries are required
  • Health insurance reimbursement obligations
  • Liability disputes
  • Child care
  • And so much more

The extent of damage to a body, a person’s life, and finances is often uncertain until many months have passed. It is always wisest to anticipate the worst while hoping for the best.

Take immediate action after an incident to seek medical attention and have your injuries evaluated. Seeking counsel from a qualified personal injury attorney should immediately follow, to ensure:

  • All evidence is preserved and investigation conducted
  • You are properly counseled when presenting insurance claims
  • Your interests are represented in the pursuit of fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries

All too often an individual attempts to manage these issues alone, only to find that they are misled, stressed and frustrated, under-compensated, and feel re-victimized by the system. Even if you’ve been attempting to manage the claim alone for months, you may find that you are no longer comfortable without assistance. It may not be too late, so don’t delay any longer.

Working with Denise Fullerton of Fullerton Law, P.A. will provide you with the comfort of personalized, compassionate, and aggressive legal representation. Having a highly qualified Minnesota personal injury attorney like Denise eliminates the uncertainty and stress of handling the claim either alone or with under-qualified counsel. Contact Denise now, for a free consultation and some peace of mind.