“We cannot say enough about the top notch services we received from Ms. Fullerton. She patiently walked our family through a very complex legal process, step-by-step, so that we could understand it and all of our options. She stayed on top of everything, and our case was handled with ease. We never could have done this without her help. I would not hesitate one second to recommend her to any friend or family member that needed personal injury legal services! ”
— Alyssa K, Elk River, MN

“Denise was one of the most helpful people when it came to my accident. The insurance companies were pushing to get things settled as soon as possible. Between her knowledge and the needed information, I received a better settlement than I thought possible. Denise is highly knowledgeable about what has to be done and the time frame. THANK YOU so much, Denise, for everything! ”
— Marcy R., Maple Grove, MN

“I was in a bad car accident across state lines in Minnesota, complicated by the other driving being drunk and uninsured. Because of Denise's expertise, I was able to focus more of my attention on my recovery. My insurance company pushed back several times along the way. Denise helped me understand my rights and was a true advocate on my behalf. Overall she was proactive, informative, transparent, detailed, and very professional. Lastly, because all of this occurred during a pandemic, our interactions were via Zoom, email, or the phone. This did not detract from my experience at all. I would use her again and recommend her without a second thought. She made a VERY difficult time in my life much, much better.”
— Meghan M, Hudson, WI

“I am grateful to have had Denise by my side through the process of my car accident. She always kept me updated and helped me understand the pieces of information that I don't know clearly and easily. Denise is very kind, friendly, and respectful of her clients. I trust her in the work she does because she is honest, punctual, and professional. I would highly recommend Denise. She is awesome! ”
— Nayni P., St. Paul, MN

“I took the advice of a friend to meet with Denise Fullerton at Fullerton Law. I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of the process, what to expect from the insurance companies, and how she could support me in receiving the care that I needed for some of the lasting effects from a car accident. And she was there every step of the way. Denise was prompt at answering our questions. When the insurance companies challenged some treatment and medical device expenses, Denise was an incredible advocate and fierce defender on my behalf. It is clear that without her expertise I would have been stuck with an impossible heap of medical bills. Thanks to Denise we avoided that crisis entirely. I will always be grateful for her tireless effort, and most certainly will recommend her to anyone needing an excellent lawyer. ”
— Jon O., Blaine, MN

“Denise represented me when I was injured in a rear-end collision. She is driven, committed to her clients and professional. I was particularly impressed by her quick communication and attention to detail. She is highly organized and never misses little details, which helped her represent me well over the course of 3 years after I was rear-ended. She advocated for me, found the best use of my resources and alleviated much of the stress of paperwork, phone calls and mail from insurance companies and doctors offices. I would recommend Denise to anyone for personal injury representation--she helped recover the cost of my medical expenses and cover the costs of future care, and she made the process easy for me, which was such a gift as I worked to recover from my injuries.”
— Jamie F., White Bear Lake, MN

“Denise Fullerton was an adept and responsive partner to me following a dog bite injury I sustained. She advocated most effectively with the other party’s insurance, obtaining a settlement beyond either of our expectations. I most definitely recommend her.”
— Victoria F., Minneapolis, MN

“Denise is an absolutely fantastic attorney to help with injury cases. I had a very complex case and it simply would not have been closed without Denise, despite there being 4 other parties with lawyers involved. I was part of a group of 12 people on a peddle pub hit by a drunk driver. 3 of the people injured, including myself, filed claims with the driver’s insurance. Additionally, workers comp and our respective health insurance were involved, as they were also entitled to the funds. Denise was on the case for 2 years, working with all the parties to coordinate payments I was entitled to. Without Denise, this case simply would still be lingering. I particularly like Denise because of her high level of integrity. We were both aligned that we were not looking for a pay day, but rather just working through the complex process and negotiations to get the case closed with a fair portion of the insurance claim. Denise is very transparent about how the process works and always made sure I understood what was happening. I also very much appreciated Denise's persistence for over two years to close out the case. When all the other party lawyers were happy to sit and wait, Denise kept things moving and ultimately coordinated the mediation that closed the case for all parties involved. Lastly, Denise is very knowledgeable of MN laws governing injury cases and skilled at utilizing them to make her client's case. She utilized her experience to quickly address roadblocks that seemed to stop the other parties from progressing. I highly recommend Denise for anyone in need of representation for a motor accident. ”
— Matt P., Minneapolis, MN

“You have done a wonderful job on my behalf. You were patient with me when I went thru my anxiety stages, protected me when it was needed, stood your ground with others when it came time, and supported me in the ups and downs. Thank you for your kindness to me and my husband over the last almost three years. It was a long road of literally blood, sweat, and tears, but you helped us thru it. I would definitely recommend you to anyone else that needed help involving a car accident - I already have told people about the services that you provided for us and the great person you have been to us. Your strength and passion paid off in the end, and now have helped my husband and I get back what was lost. Things take time to heal, but we are ahead of the losses that we once faced and I am doing great, thanks to you. Thank you again for all your help.”
— Barb S., St. Louis Park, MN

“Denise was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. A car accident left me with a TBI. I was dealing with doctors, mounting medical bills, and overwhelming emotions as I struggled to get my life back on track. I quickly discovered that I was out of my league when it came to reasoning with the insurance company, so a trusted friend recommended Denise for representation. Denise came to my home to answer my questions soon after I called her. This helped immensely because I was unable to drive due to my injury. I knew right away that she was the best attorney to help me. Throughout the year, Denise checked in with me often, and guided me every step of the way. She’s incredibly organized and patient, and Denise kept the hope alive for me whenever I got frustrated with the insurance company and their attorneys. Her comprehension of the law is exceptional and she was incredibly responsive no matter how often I reached out to her. What stands out the most is how nurturing Denise is – and I really needed that warm and protective touch as I navigated through all the hoops demanded by the insurance company. But what really blew me away was her strength, determination, and toughness whenever she dealt with the insurance company on my behalf. My medical bills got paid, lost wages were regained, and I will be financially cared for as I continue to heal from my injury. Denise fought for me. She was my champion when I needed a champion the most. ”
— Polly, Minneapolis, MN

“Thanks so much for your help in this matter. I appreciate your approach throughout this endeavor. Hopefully I have no future need for your services, but I would be happy to work with you again or recommend you to others should the need arise. ”
— Brian N., Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you for making this entire process painless! I appreciate your assistance and will not hesitate to refer you.”
— Jennifer B., New Brighton, MN

“Ms. Fullerton was professional and handled my case with great character and integrity. She truly went above and beyond and saw my case through after another local attorney dropped the ball. I would recommend her to friends and family. And if ever needed in the future, I would call upon Ms. Fullerton to represent me. ”
— Karen T., Brooklyn Park, MN

“I greatly appreciate the time, energy and commitment you have devoted to my case. You truly have taken care of my family and we can't thank you enough for the ways that you've blessed our life. We often will take a breath of relief when we think about the outcome of my case. We will absolutely refer friends and family your way, if there is a need for an attorney. Thank you again for doing a phenomenal job representing my case!!”
— Ann R., St. Louis Park, MN

“Denise Fullerton is one of the top attorneys in the State. She came highly recommended to me as one of the best personal injury attorneys in the field. She didn’t disappoint me. Denise goes far above duty when representing her clients. She fights for every small detail. She was extremely supportive of me from the beginning intake to the final disposition of the case. She won a great award for a tough case. Being a solo practitioner allows her to focus completely on her clients. There weren’t other people involved in the personal business of my case. Denise was always there to answer questions and reassure me when I was unsure of the future. She knows how to balance a personal touch with the push of professionalism needed to be an outstanding attorney. I always recommend her to friends who need legal assistance. She is the best.”
— Elizabeth L., Blaine, MN

“Thank you again for everything and for hanging in there with me. I greatly appreciated your level of professionalism, expert counsel, promptness in response and ability to produce excellent results.”
— Shelley M., Roseville, MN

“The letter you wrote on my behalf clearly demonstrates how carefully you have been hearing and understanding me and my concerns all these months. Reading your letter made me feel completely validated, and gave me the overwhelming comfort of knowing that you are my advocate and the strong voice behind me and my case. I couldn’t believe how persuasively you put the entire situation into perspective and made clear what I have been through. I’ve felt comfortable all along with how you have helped me understand the process, my options, and the potential outcomes; but now I also have the comfort of knowing you will battle for me and protect me. Thank you for all you do!”
— Michelle S., Shoreview, MN

“Denise Fullerton played a huge part in my being able to walk pain free today. After my auto accident the insurance company deemed it "proper" that I be declared "cured" while I was still in pain, and then refused to pay for my much needed medical care. I consulted with Denise about my options regarding what I could do to challenge the insurance company. She explained to me in a careful systematic way what I could expect if I chose to go forward. It is amazing how Denise can take all the legalese and make it understandable. Denise took my case to arbitration. All of her interaction with me and the insurance company were pleasantly professional. At the arbitration Denise was calm, direct, and pointedly kept everybody focused on the issues needing to be addressed, including why I needed continuing care. Denise's tenacity and laser pointed direction to the issues clearly is what the arbitrator saw. His 100% award in my case is a direct result of Denise's capable, competent, outstanding skills. As a result, I was able to receive the care I needed to heal from my accident. Denise has my unwavering endorsement and sincerest thanks for my ability to be walking pain-free today.”
— Carol L., St. Anthony, MN

“When I was injured in a car accident with an uninsured motorist I wasn't sure what to do. I hired Denise to handle my personal injury, uninsured motorist claim. It was a great decision. She took the time to explain my options and took care of all the details. It was a relief to know I had an experienced professional on my side. My case was settled and I was very satisfied with the results. Even after my settlement Denise continues to be in contact and helps with any questions I may have.”
— Teresa S., Bloomington, MN

“I feel blessed to have had Denise recommended to me after a car accident. She was very kind and compassionate towards me and my situation. I LOVED that she was truthful and moral in her dealings. Denise is someone you can trust! She was always friendly and professional-even when dealing with the unprofessional lawyer my insurance company had. I highly recommend Denise!”
— Jamie F., Minneapolis, MN

“Denise worked on my behalf resolving a medical claim with my auto insurance and was most knowledgeable. She was very personable and easy to get along with and talk to. The time we spent working on the arbitration was time efficient, educating, and pleasant. I felt confident in our case because she explained everything, and in the end everything came together successfully and we got the most favorable result. I would definitely work with her again if I ever have the opportunity.”
— Olga F., Brooklyn Park, MN

“After I was struck by a car while riding my bicycle, I felt cornered by the insurance company. Until I was referred to Denise I thought I was in an impossible situation. Denise completely turned it around, and I can't imagine where I would be now without her representation.”
— Joseph H., Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you all again for the time and effort you’ve put into the preparation and presentation of my personal injury case, as well as in answering all of my questions. I truly appreciated the extra time, effort, and attention that was given to ensure that I felt prepared and comfortable for the trial.”
— Christine M., St. Paul, MN

“I want to extend my appreciation to you for your ability to represent your client’s interests zealously while maintaining an amicable working relationship with opposing counsel. Frequently, our clients fare better when attorneys look at litigation as a problem to be solved rather than a battle to be won or lost. I respect your ability and I appreciate your approach.”
— John H., Esq.

“I want you to know how very much I appreciate you and all of your hard work and dedication. It was a learning experience for me; but during the whole process, I felt very much at peace with everything because of you and how capable and knowledgeable you are. Any questions or concerns I had - I was put at ease by you instantly. Both of my cases that you helped me with were some of the best experiences (if court or legal proceedings can be put that way) I’ve ever had. When people can do something so well - that it appears smooth & easy - it is a complement to you on the professionals that you are. Thanks to you, so much again for everything. I will pass your name onto everyone I know that needs your services.”
— Teresa D., Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you for representing me. You do a great job. Also, I am blessed to know that you are honest and upright - that means a lot! God bless!”
— Jamie L., Minneapolis, MN

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you did to get my case settled and all the bills paid. It is a great relief to have all the medical bills paid and be able to move forward. Thank you for making that possible.”
— Laura J., White Bear Lake, MN