$41,467 Verdict for Skater in Hennepin County

Plaintiff was involved in 2 rear-end car collisions, one in October 2001, the other in November 2001. Both Defendants were sued, but the case involving the November 2001 collision was settled for $7,500, 2 weeks prior to trial. The case proceeded to jury against the defendant for the October 2001 collision.

Damage to Plaintiff’s vehicle appeared mild, although the underneath spare tire came off his SUV. The jury was not shown photos nor told the cost of repairs.

Plaintiff presented to urgent care within a couple hours of the collision, and had several courses of physical therapy. Plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries, temporarily aggravated by the second collision. Plaintiff had received no medical attention in the 19 months before trial, except for one time consultation with Plaintiff’s expert doctor.

Plaintiff retired from speedskating due to his injuries. The collision occurred 2 months before the 2002 Olympic trials, in which he was unable to participate due to his injuries. The jury found no permanent injuries, although they did find that he had suffered a disability of 60 days or more. A small portion of the verdict was for past scholarship losses. The best offer before trial for this October 2001 collision was $7,500.  Denise was able to secure a verdict of $41,467 on behalf of her client.

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